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Reviewing and auditing financial viability, quality control, food safety or labour resources and effectiveness.

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Financial Reviews IconFinancial Reviews

A review into the financial accountability and controls results in transparent accounting and improved financial performance. Panache have tried and tested methods to help you move towards a neutral cost of catering, and an improved productivity cost of cleaning per square metre.

Through our extensive network, we can provide benchmark data against any other criteria or provide solutions or strategies based on the financial data produced.

Outsourcing IconOutsourcing

If your current catering and/or cleaning services are self-delivered and you are unsure whether an outsourced solution is a more effective way forward, we will consider all the advantages and risks associated with the options available to you, along with service impacts of change and management resources. This ‘Options Appraisal’ process ensures you are provided with all the necessary facts to assist in an informed decision.

Should your decision be to outsource your services, we can facilitate the tender process or elements of the procurement procedure on your behalf.

Quality Audits IconQuality Audits

Using our considerable industry experience, we are able to effectively audit and have developed a proactive auditing system that results in improved standards of quality, better financial performance, a clearer strategy and overall a more effective operation. We have proven KPIs that ensure service improvements as well as continual development.

Our reviews are bespoke to suit your establishment and needs; examples of the areas are as follows:

  • Labour Resources and Efficiencies
  • Management Accountability and Control Systems
  • Health, Hygiene and Safety
  • Quality Standards
  • Customer Satisfaction Levels
  • Commercialism
  • Effective Purchasing
  • Policy Statements and Standards

In House Support IconIn-House Management Support

Insourcing is the process of moving from a contracted service to self-deliver. This can be onerous and fraught with risk if not managed. We are able to provide on-going management guidance and support, whether short term, during mobilisation or long term.

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